Frequently asked questions

What is PSL?

Paris Sciences et Lettres University (PSL University or simply PSL) is a large public university made of several schools (ENS, Dauphine, etc.). The complete list of PSL schools is available here.

What is the teaching language of the Master's programs?

Details here. In particular, M2 IASD and M2 MODO are taught in English; M1 I2D, M1 at ENS, and M2 MPRI are taught partly in French and partly in English, in a way that makes it possible to follow a full course of studies (but not necessarily all optional courses) in English.

Can I get a grant for studying in a Master's programs?

Yes, you can apply for an Excellence Scholarship (if your grades or profile justify it). It is not available for MIAGE tracks. There are two kinds of scholarships:

Both of these are merit scholarships. You can apply to both in parallel (but you can get at most one). Both are worth 12 000 € per year (1 200 €/month for ten months). These scholarships can be combined with internships grants. See this page for more information.

In addition it is also possible to apply to a very competitive PhD track which is a five-year study course including both the Master's and PhD program, with a scholarship during the Master's and a doctoral contract during the PhD.

How do I get a student visa?

For Master's admission, you need to contact the Campus France offices closest to you in order to proceed with their process that will, if selected, allow for a visa deliverance. For PhD admission, once admitted, the department hosting you for your PhD will issue a convention d'accueil that you will use to apply for a visa at a French consulate.

What about fees?

Fees for M1 and M2 for the 2023–2024 academic year are not known yet precisely, but they will, as usual, be low compared to most countries, that is, a few hundred Euros per year, even for non-European students. Fees will be known early May and published on this page.