PhD Track

The PSL PhD Track in Computer science is a fully-funded 5-year program structured around two phases. During the first phase, students draw on courses from PSL’s research-oriented Master's in computer science and start working towards their research project. The research-oriented Master's is a stepping-stone towards the second phase of the PhD Track, during which students work on their research project in one of PSL’s research labs (in particular, DI ENS and LAMSADE). During that second phase, students are mentored to gain state-of-the-arts research methods, write academic papers, present at academic conferences and prepare for the academic job market.

During the first two years, after which they obtain a Master's in Computer Science from Université PSL, students receive a monthly scholarship. During the last three years, students are hired as a doctoral student with a doctoral contract by one of PSL's schools. At the end of their studies, students are awarded a PhD in Computer Science from Université PSL.

Candidates for the PhD Track should write a research statement in any of the research areas from computer science that are represented in one of PSL’s research labs.

In addition, one extra PhD Track may be funded for students interested in conducting research in quantum computing. Interest for this field should be indicated in the research statement provided.

During the admission process, a study plan will be devised with each admitted student, adapted to each student's background and research plan.

Deadline is 11 December 2023. For more information, and how to apply: